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24th-Mar-2014 11:38 pm - text
I have a problem.

Are you police force morons willing to help or have you abandoned all your morals along with civility?
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19th-Feb-2014 04:18 pm - video
[that sure is ratchet spattered with blue energon! obsevant viewers may note it has a slightly green tint. his right shoulder is also very clearly broken, the torn metal sparking and leaking sickly looking yellow/green energon.]

For a police force, you people have a stupidly low presence around this place.

[he kicks something off screen, making a loud clang.]

The Solian medbay will be without the other Ratchet for a while. Consider this a lesson in impulse control.


((ooc: replies will come from both medics, although sg ratchet's will be somewhat sparse due to trying to get as far away as possible. assume they're coming from the separate devices as sg would've fled the scene immediately after making the broadcast. tfp ratchet would've also sent a distress signal during the video for anyone that wants to save him!))
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6th-Jan-2014 02:41 pm - [accidentalish video]
[the device appears to be balanced on the altar in megatronus's temple. ratchet thought it was a device to record his 'surgery']

[which is exactly what it's doing]

Stop struggling you stupid drone! I'm trying to do you a favour here!

[oh, that poor acolyte. there's a lot of energon on the altar, as well as all up ratchet's arms. particularly observant viewers may note a little bit on the wall behind him, too. looks like this wasn't his first attempt]

Remember your friend? He was doing so well until the idiot went and died on me. All I want to do is see what makes you tick, then maybe I can upgrade you so you give more coherent answers! Another Cybertron, honestly!

[he tears out a mechanism and puts it aside]

This would be so much easier with my tools...

[said as he practically shoves his arm inside it up to the elbow. someone, please save the poor thing]
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