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6th-Oct-2012 01:51 am - [Video | Nexus Prime's Temple]
Okay, whoever sent me to this place... Dude, could you sent me back? I was in something really important. Because man this is pretty weird. The last thing I remember is... uh oh. Where's my buds? Dude. So not cool to bring me here away from my friends. Oh, whoever sees this I'm Dustin.

[Way to prioritize, Dustin.]

If you see them let me know, okay? Shane's my best bud. He's usually in red as well as being the risk taker. Tori is a blond girl, kind of bossy, and scary at times. If you've seen them, let me know all right?

I'm a mechanic back home and also dudes? If you know where I could put my motorcycle so it won't get trashed, let me know okay? Cam would be mad if something happened to it.
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