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20th-Sep-2012 11:09 am - [TEXT TRANSMISSION]
Noisy Boy's got some friends here, yeah? You guy should be careful around him, old thing's completely blind. No question about it. All those punches to the head must have knocked something loose.

[AKA can you believe Noisy insulted his obviously gorgeous self?! Only blind people don't fawn over him. And nobody likes blind people.]
goldblooded: (loss of limbs probable)
4th-Aug-2012 06:46 pm - [VIDEO TRANSMISSION: nexic temple]
[A gold robot with a very stylish red mohawk is staring at the screen, foot tapping lightly and obviously displeased. Clearly a new arrival, or this thing has never made itself known before now. It raises a red boxing glove like hand, gears screeching in almost a kind of huff, and carefully fixes the amazing mohawk. Of amazing.

Once it seems satisfied with its mohawk being in perfect condition it points to the glyph on its arm, then gestures at the screen in a "seriously?" and "I'll kill you" motion. There is graffiti on his glorious self.

How dare you. How dare you all.]
goldblooded: (you hit like a girl)
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