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[The video comes on for a brief moment, showing a static-laden image of a helmet that looks rather similar to a shogun warrior’s, in purple with yellow accents and bright yellow optics. His chin tilts down slightly, the sound of pistons whirring off-screen. Eventually the image cuts off in favor of text.]

I hope this message gets through. I am Noisy Boy. I do not know how many of you might recall me, or how long it might have been, and I have some inquiries to make. First, I am looking for a bot named Midas. He is eight-foot-two inches, with gold plating and a red fiberoptic Mohawk. He is extremely abrasive and uses text like I do, so he will likely be easy to pick out.

My second inquiry is a request to speak to anyone with experience in either programming or upgrading. I will require alterations if I am to survive on this planet.

My final inquiry is for pick-up. I am uncertain as to where I am at the moment.
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Some of you might have noticed a new bot on the network recently. One with gold plating and a red mohawk.

His name is Midas and he is from my world. I would request that you do not pay heed to his threats or challenges; I have my doubts that he understands what he might be getting into.

[Since you're all huge illegal combatants.]

As well I was wondering if any of you might be willing to assist in making something with what I have picked up from the store that dropped onto the Junk Pile.

[He doesn't know how to make this Duracrete not powdered. Because the powder wouldn't make a very good Punching Block.]
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One of the creatures has gotten into Vector Prime's temple. I cannot keep it occupied forever.

Requesting assistance.

[He's grateful that's it's only a couple feet taller than him - he can compensate for that - and for the fact that he was built to be as flashy as he is. He can keep the ugly thing interested in him.

But... well, half the people he knows warned him to call if something happened, and this is definitely something.]
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[The video is only on for a few moments - long enough to show a purple bot with wide shoulders, a samurai helmet, and glowing yellow optics - before shutting off. After that is a burst of text.]

Many of you exceed WRB height restrictions. You also violate a number of other WRB regulations, including illegal use of weapons and possession non-standard upgrades.

I am not where I should be.

[He would just like to let you all know YOU ARE SO ILLEGAL. SO. ILLEGAL now down to a few extra messages-]

If anyone happens to see Charlie Kenton I would like to be informed. He is a human with short, dark hair and brown eyes. He also has a son, Max. I do not wish them to be alone with unfamiliar bots if they come here.

Gunmax. Thank you for the ride, when we arrived. It was kind of you.

To the bot with the fins on his head: My name is Noisy Boy. 'Soundwave' is a terrible name.

And there was a red and white bot. I apologize if I fightened you somehow.
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