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[It goes without saying that Ironhide doesn't appreciate waking up in an unfamiliar room AND have a tattoo of some kind stuck on his arm without his knowing. Maybe there were weirdos out there who like this sort of thing, but Ironhide is proud to not be one of them.

Several possibilities pop into his mind, and none of them good. Most of them involve Decepticons. This is good because that means he doesn't have to hold back, though why'd they let him keep his weapons is completely beyond him...

I figure this place has about ten seconds before I blow it to pieces, so for your sakes I'd better get some answers before then.

Also if any you Decepticons wanna dance, I have a party waiting right here for you.

[There's a click and one of Ironhide's giant cannons is displayed in full view. He's going to shoot something before this post is done one way or another, you can count on that.]
lookatmyguns: (Don't fuck with me boi)
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