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30th-Jan-2014 01:29 pm - Video | Action for Megatronus Temple
[Upon the altar of the temple, something large lays on it. Something far too big even for the altar. The creature breathes softly as he sleeps. Upon closer inspection, one could see that he has coins embedded into his scales, glittering within the dimly lit room.

Acolytes approach the large creature, but his eyes snap open, bright and yellow. Instantly, he sees that he is not in Dale, nor Laketown. Somewhere else entirely. He snarls and moves to stand on all fours, a few coins being jostled from their place.

He whips his large tail at the drones, knocking them over as they try to explain themselves. Smaug flinches at the sight of something floating beside him. Unknown to him, it's his communication device. He snaps at it, growling loudly.]

You! Flying metal box, what is the meaning of this? [His voice booms, his front paw slamming into the nearest Acolyte.]

This place is made of metal, and these beings... they are not men in armor. [He lifts one of the lifeless drones up with two claws, squinting at it with his slit pupils.]

They do not bleed red. They are... walking pieces of armor. [He drops the drone carelessly as he looks back at the box. His head does snap to the side as he sees one of the drones twitching to life. But slams his front paw down, crushing it's skull. He addresses the box again.]

Tell me floating box. Were these the beings responsible for my kidnapping? [He leans in closer, but device floats back a little more, to get some space between them.]

Or is there someone else I need to speak to about all of this? I would love to have a conversation with them. Was this the work of a wizard? Magic?

[As he speaks, his chest glows a bright orange color.]

Tell me! [Smaug roars at the camera, but the feed soon cuts out.]
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