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26th-May-2014 08:08 pm - [Video] - Vector's temple
[Some of you might be familiar with the noise of metal crunching as it hits something after falling at least a short distance, and Cliffjumper grunts, swears and, after a few moments, gets the video on.

It's mostly Cliffjumper's faceplate and upper torso that can be seen, plus a view of the sky and some spire-tops of Vector's temple, though he's looking slightly... wild-eyed.]

... Slaggin', rusty, scum-spewin' scrap! [The view wobbles as Cliffjumper changes his grip, then stabilises again.] Anyone else got stuck with somethin' new poppin' up courtsey of your glyphs?

Blurr, how the frag did ya get a handle on this?

[... there's a pause, and Cliffjumper half looks like he's about to say something more but then closes his mouth. Not yet. He'll... Well.]
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---frag it.

Okay, if any of you are guilty of this [The video switches on to show most of Blurr on one of the walkways in around Vector Prime's temple, clearly collapsed and offline.] I'm gonna find ya and then punch you!

[Cliffjumper's not even looking at the feed or particularly concerned in making it stable as he shakes Blurr's shoulder again.]


He doesn't look injured but it's hard to tell so, uh... if any medic could swing by at some point that's probably a good idea. I can get him to his room.

[Well, he thinks. He still feels tired and achy from whatever this... flu-like thing is, but it shouldn't be that big of a problem.]

((OOC: Blurr will respond to the post as well, as he'll wake up quickly from his dive!))
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20th-Jul-2013 01:42 am - [Video] - from Vector Prime's temple
[Cliffjumper's sitting out on a balcony in Vector's temple and cleaning a really large sniper rifle - yes, even his sniper rifle is huge and would probably fit someone taller than him better.]

How many of ya got a Vector Sigma? Or, uh... [Pausing, Cliffjumper frowns and then shrugs.] any other big, important computer tied to your Cybertron? 'Cause I think there's a way to maybe use that in figurin' out how to find people's realities whenever we actually can start to get home.

... At least for any reality that's got a Cybertron.

[Sorry any one of you from a reality that doesn't have a Cybertron.]
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Zombies. Why's it always fraggin' zombies?

[Cliffjumper hasn't even seen any of them, and he's not sure of the vehemence in his own conviction, but it feels right. Beyond, well, the fact that undead abominations that shouldn't be possible had decided to come play.

Ghosts were one thing.]

Whatever, as long as we can get rid of 'em all. [With a grimace and a shrug Cliffjumper makes a few locked pings.]

[Locked to Blurr.]

Hey, Blurr. Still wanna try a gun? [They're doing it either way, you know.]

[Locked to SG!Megatron and Ravage]

Both of ya okay, still? [He pauses, frowning a little, briefly hesitating before just shrugging. That worry of being okay was mostly for Ravage since Soundwave had disappeared.]

... Dunno, should we meet up, or somethin'?
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Okay, so... [The feed comes on at the same time as those few words are spoken, Cliffjumper sitting leaned back in a chair - the standard one for the desk in the rooms they're given. There's a frown on his faceplates but really... it's there to hide his being uncomfortable, not because he's particularly annoyed or torqued.]

We've all been told Unicron's behind all this slag, right? [Vague little handwave.] I suppose that ain't really gonna tell most of ya anythin' unless you've actually seen him, and since that isn't really safe...

[Cliffjumper trails off momentarily, shifts in his seat and then shrugs. If it was just the matter of people not believeing it, he wouldn't care, just punch the glitches who made fun of him (which he'd done a few times). But since Unicron - or its powers, rather, affected them here, it seemed like an idea to show why it should be taken seriously. Being told it "ate reality" didn't mean much in bare words, really.]

Gonna share a bit of memory with you. The quality ain't gonna be the best, 'cause I wasn't exactly at my best at that point, but it ought to be serviceable.

[There's something of an awkward pause, but Cliffjumper's not going to wait for anyone to chime in or detract and throw off his groove here, so suddenly the video cuts out, only to immediately be replaced by a slightly wobbling view of a ruined street on Cybertron. There's static at the edges, but nothing bad.] )
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[No matter if you see this when Cliffjumper actually makes the broadcast, or later, he looks definitely... pinched. Optics a shade too bright, mouth pressed in a thin line. It's all because he's making this just a bit after this happened.]

You guys maybe wanna make sure ya lock your doors, and anything extra even if these rooms are apparently hard to get in to if you ain't the owner.

I just had some fraggin' Decepticreep [and wow, is that epithet more fitting than ever] in black and neon yellow, green and orange creep up on me! Ain't got a clue what the point was---

[He breaks off with a little snarl of his engine, and out of view, one hand balls up and then relaxes again.]

... Vector Prime? Er... sorry 'bout the damage. [He was startled and angry.]

[Then he sort of... opens his mouth, closes it, and glares with a shrug off screen. He can't quite make himself ask Soundwave and Megatron is they're free tomorrow.]

Locked to IDW!Optimus Prime )
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[There is, for some reason, not a lot of light; since even with the lack of strong sunlight but adding the light from the spire in Prima's Quadrant the Haven isn't usually that dark, it's obvious Cliffjumper's inside... somewhere.]

Okay, most important point first; I've checked Vector Prime's temple, an' going back and forth towards the Badlands and the Quadrant itself while looking for Blurr. Hope someone else's checking elsewhere.

[Most of the light, in fact, comes from below, from Cliffjumper's headlights, the glow from his optics, and behind, so that ought to be "outside". What can be seen is looking quite rocky.

Apparently he found a cave or something somewhere down the gorge Vector Prime's temple is located in.]

Don't think he'd be in here, but gonna check anyway.

Second... [Cliffjumper glances down into the feed and snorts.] For what it's worth, the Soundwave an' Megatron with red 'Con insignia? They're good mechs. So don't go shootin' or punching them, unders--- the slaag!

[The narrow stare - a glare, almost, in an attempt to impress the importance because he just doesn't want a similar situation like Fortress Maxumus punching Soundwave again, morphs into wide-eyed surprise before the feed gets rather... blurry as Cliffjumper simply gets hauled up in the air by something.

The swearing abruptly gets cut of by a crunching slam before the ill-lit darkness gets intermittently furtherlit up by laser blasts (and more yelled swearing), revealing something with... a lot of metallic tendrils apparently intent on slamming the minibot against the cave wall repeatedly, though by now Cliffjumper has a hand out to stop that somewhat.]

Fragging... Oh, no you don't--!

[There's another slam, and the video goes.

... a little help here, perhaps?]
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13th-Sep-2012 09:03 pm - [audio]
Does anybody have a fraggin' flamethrower or somethin'? It's getting harder to-- Gah!

[Does Cliffjumper sound frustrated? Yes, he does. Harried and slightly... on-edge, to be honest. Accompanying that are pinging, crunching noices and a lot of high-pitch babble or laughter.

Anyone actually listening to what those multitude of high-pitch voices are saying, will find it's all rather... disturbing in nature. This is the third time Cliffjumper's personal little horde of stick-figure SG!Primes have respawned, and he's having trouble luring them through lava to get rid of them.

And contrary to popular thought, he's not made of weapons. Especially not a flame-thrower, as he noticed they didn't take well to the lava when he accidentally managed to lob some of them in there during the first time they appeared.]

Pit-spawned, sludge-spewing little monsters!

[Something like the noise of glass breaking briefly takes over the feed, but Cliffjumper really can't figure out why some of them sort of breaks sometimes, like shooting or punching metal affected by glass gas does.]
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Absolute glitchin' slag.

[There's more insults than those being muttered over the audio, but they're kept at a lower pitch, and the noises of metal or other items being thrown around obscures some of it.]

One of these days I'm actually gonna get to stay put an' where the slag--- [Either the speaker just stumbled over something, or yanked something out of a pile.] Finally! Ugh. Okay.

[And then have video and a red cybertronian with sensor horns leaning against... a very large cannon (or is he just that small?).]

Any of you find a large sniper rifle calibrated for someone my height before I do, I'd appreciate if you ask me if it's mine.

[Because that thing was made for him, so. And while sniper rifles aren't his favourite weapon, he's picked up the talent and he came here with it... as his found cannon can testify. Cliffjumper grunts and drags a hand down his faceplates.]

Got the basics, blah blah, besides that what is the situation? An' for the information, apparently even TransTech, who proclaimed themselves quite above the rest of us, can't make proper stellar span.... er, space bridges.

[He's not going to assume anyone he knows... from either two dimensions or Axiom Nexus is here. And the real kicker? He has the vaguest impression he sort of bounced briefly into the negative polarity universe before coming here, but he's not sure and that, along with his missing weapons, is just torqueing him off.]
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