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9th-May-2014 07:15 pm - First Session | Video
[The link flickers to life, and on the screen, a small Autobot looks to be waving to some Primian Acolytes, thanking them over his shoulder. He looks down at the communication device. Here was something a little more familiar to the bot.]

This is Rung, calling for anyone who is part of the Lost Light here. I've been informed that I'm on Cybertron, but... I don't quite recall going back to Cybertron.

[He purses his lips worriedly but he vents a small sigh, to calm himself down.]

If anyone else gets this message, and knows of any of the crew members of the Lost Light... Perhaps you could lead me in the direction of where they could be. These... Acolytes were very helpful in helping me calm down. But I should really be going. If anyone could find someone by the name of Whirl, or Fortress Maximus.

[He trails off, a finger tapping on his chin as he thinks. Soon he shakes his head and smiles back at the link.]

Any information would be most grateful. Thank you for anyone who is listening.
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30th-Jul-2013 04:17 pm - [Video | Locked to the Police Force]
(ooc: Please note that this is after Rung's torture at frenzy's hands so the good doctor is all nice and repaired!)

Please tell me you're already looking for Ambulon. Please.

[That video...was far worse than the one that starred Chromedome and has Rung freaking out a bit but he's doing well to hide it.

Though his hands are shaking pretty bad as he wrings them together.]

He's still alive! It--you need to find him. Now. Please, whatever it takes.
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4th-Jul-2013 09:16 am - [Video]
WARNING: there be violence here! In the form of frenzy beating the shit out of Rung. Order of events is Rung made this post then went to see Prowl. Then stopped in at the games to pick up his dragon. Remembered he had something for Kagerou and went to Prima's temple to get it and was jumped.


[Rung's been pretty busy as of late, keeping to his office as he deals with a lot of stuff that's been going on and working with those that need his help.

But now..he has a few things that he needs to take care of.]

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be in my office at all today. If you need me for anything, feel free to contact me via a private comm.

[He smiles a bit sheepishly.]

I figured it might be best to actually get out of my office for a bit.

For Prowl's eyes only.. )
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12th-May-2013 10:49 am - [Video | At the Office]
[Rung had just been working on cleaning up his office and getting things back in order when he'd accidentally created something. A ball of light to be exact.

He'd been having trouble seeing and then suddenly there was light and the little ball that was no bigger than his fist was floating around his head. The therapist had thought that maybe he'd finally snapped or something but he came to realize pretty quickly that the thing was, in fact real.

And under his command.]

Could anyone possible explain to me why I can suddenly make light..balls?

[As he asks it, there's one hovering around his hand as Rung peers at it, cupping it in his palm slightly even as it just kind of floats there.]
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22nd-Apr-2013 07:47 am - [Audio | Prima's Temple]
[Waking up had been odd. His head was swimming and everything just felt off for some reason, but he couldn't quite place what was going on. Rung didn't remember returning to Prima's temple so that, in itself, was throwing him off considering the last thing he remembered was...

Well, he'd been out and about in Haven.

Sitting up slowly with a hand to his head, Rung looked around as he tried to make sense of things, growing even more confused by his presence here because, as of late, the only temple he'd been recharging in was Alpha Trion's. His optics narrowed a bit on the floor as he dug through his memories, trying to remember--


Pain. He remembered pain but not the source. It was fuzzy but..

His hand lowered slowly, vents cycling softly as his optics dimmed now. He'd..died...hadn't he? That would be the only thing that made sense but how?

Glancing around the room after a long moment, Rung spotted his comm device on the makeshift desk and slowly eased off his bed to make his way over to it. Once he had the device in hand he found himself hesitating, staring at it as he debated his options before switching it to audio only, vents cycling heavily as his optics dimmed.]

Would..anyone be able to fill me in on what..I can't seem to remember properly?
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16th-Apr-2013 10:48 pm - [Video | Rung's Office]
ooc: This takes place directly after this thread.

[His attacker was gone. There had been words said but they'd fallen on deaf audios, Rung too consumed with pain from the entire little 'session' and that final blow to his chest. He'd been slumped on his desk when the other left, barely functioning--barely hanging on as his vents cycled weakly. For a long moment he just stayed as he was, the pain just too much to handle, to bear, and Rung knew that he was done.

This was it.

Several thoughts ran through his mind even as things started to just shut down and he forced himself to move one of his arms, reaching weakly around the desk for his comm unit that was always sitting there.

Fingers brushed it and he gripped it weakly, sliding it slowly but surely across the desk until he could activate it--not caring that it was set to automatically view as video.

Weakly he focused on it, unable to even lift his head from the desk as his remaining optic flickered just barely.]

[The words are barely above a whisper, barely words at all considering how mangled his throat is, the light in his optic slowly starting to fade despite his attempts to hang on.]'m sorry...
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2nd-Apr-2013 06:10 pm - [Video | Prima's temple--for once]
[While Tarn might be trying to get Rung's attention, the therapist has someone else to be worrying about. Someone he hasn't seen in quite some time.]

Has anyone seen Whirl recently?
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15th-Mar-2013 08:16 pm - [Video | Rung's Office]
[When the video cuts on, it shows Rung inside his office though not at his desk like he normally would be--it's just a bit too tall for him right now. Instead, he's seated on the floor with his back against his desk, a book that he'd found in the junk pile on his lap--because what else was there to do right now--and a pile of blankets and pillows beside him.

And that pile seemed to be moving a bit.]

I know that Smokescreen has quite a few companions from his world here in Haven so I wanted to let you all know that he's safe, just in case you were wondering where he got to.

[He shifts the camera to focus on the pile of blankets better, showing the small puppy curled up asleep in the little makeshift nest.]

I found him when I was coming back to my office and he seemed a bit worn out so I brought him here.

[Rung smiles softly, reaching over to pet his ears gently before setting the comm unit down.]

If you do need him for something, feel free to contact me.
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10th-Mar-2013 09:55 am - [Video | Alpha Trion's Quadrant]
[You know, there's really nothing like waking up in the seat you fell asleep in and being completely dwarfed by said seat when you do. And not only dwarfed, but fleshy and barely clothed. (He had a coat but that was it and it was..odd. But at least he had something to cover himself with because Primus was he cold.)

There had been a moment of panic on Rung's part when he found himself in this state, unsure what had happened and why he was like this and well--if you suddenly found yourself to be a different species you'd freak out too.

Once he'd collected himself enough, he realized he needed to contact someone about this and after a bit of a struggle--because oh was this a weird body to adjust to--he managed to get his communicator and settled on his chair once more, rubbing his forehead a bit--and that's when he realized he had glasses.


I hate to be a bother--

[Because he had been posting a lot as of late.]

--but there...I...seem to be having a problem...

[Understatement of the century Rung.]
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You know, for as many millions of stellar cycles of war as there have been, how come 90% of the fights I've been in have happened in the last...oh...month?

That's just a hypothetical question, you don't have to answer it.

[You know what's great about having a grappling hook when your enemies have a lot of feet? It's really easy to lure them over and trip them. Couple that with Bulkhead laying some heavy punches into the middle of the pile, and Skids feels that what has happened is a work of sheer geniu---whoa.


Hold the genius. Where did that flash of orange come from?

It kind of looked like Rung, except it looked more like what Rung would look like after he'd been trampled underneath the stampede that he and Bulkhead had just tripped.]



Okay, change of plans. Bulk might need some backup, and as for me...

Where is the nearest medic?

[He's going to let his new green friend keep distracting the monsters, and head right into the fray to gather up a Rung.]

Funny that we keep meeting like this, don't you think?

[Chased by things with tentacles that want to eat you and all? Not an awesome habit.]
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3rd-Jan-2013 09:30 pm - [Video | At his office]
[For someone usually good at keeping his emotions in check, when the video snaps on, Rung is looking anything but composed. If anything he looks a bit stressed out and confused, wringing his hands together a bit. He's in his office and he glances at the shelf behind his desk before sighing softly and focusing on the camera.]

I don't mean to be a bother, but does--could anyone help me with a slight issue I'm having? Someone came into my office while I was gone and I'm missing something that's rather important to me.

[One of the few things of sentimental value that Rung has ever really had actually.]

(ooc: Please note this is set before his run in with Tarn on the Christmas tree thread~)
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[With everything that had been going on, Rung had been working his hardest to keep tabs on everyone that may need him. Blurr was still one of his priorities, Vandal was another that he was extremely focused on helping, then there was Whirl, Ventus--whom he wanted to make sure was alright whenever he could--and many others that the therapist just found himself worrying about.

So, needless to say, he'd been a little preoccupied as of late.

Considering the mood that had settled over haven as of late because of the Glyphless, Rung hadn't been expecting anything quite like what he got when he stepped out of his office on this particular day, the video clicking on to reveal a soaking wet Rung looking extremely confused as he held the bucket that had been placed above his door, full of water.]

...I'm not..sure what exactly the reasoning behind this was but...anyone care to explain?

[He's not mad, just confused--and tired. Very tired. And he's really, really beginning to dislike water.]
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30th-Oct-2012 07:20 am - [Video | Prima's Temple]
[With everything that had been going on, Rung's head hadn't stopped aching for days now it seemed. And then there was the white noise, the noise that made it all far worse and it was getting to the point that he could barely focus. Because not only did the ache make it hard to focus, but there was something....calling? It was weird and he couldn't quite figure out if that's what it was.

Overall though, he wasn't about to let anyone else know about his own pain considering what the others were going through, even as he lightly touched his head, rubbing it some as he stared at something out of sight of the camera.]

With everything that has been going on as of late, if anyone is in need of anyone to talk door is always open. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of that, now more than ever.

[Whatever he was looking at off camera is dropped on the desk as Rung rubs his head a bit more, focusing on the camera finally with a solemn look.]

Also going on with this white noise everyone is hearing...please be safe everyone.
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