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2nd-Aug-2014 01:10 am - END GAME Part Two: THE BADLANDS
On the outlands of Haven, the Badlands are surging to life.

Megatronus stands with his brother Alpha Trion, the two as different as night and day. The picture of calm, the thinner Trion stands behind the bulwark that is his more physically inclined sibling, massive tome in hand. Optics and biolights aglow with concentration, he stands vulnerable and distracted as clawed shadows rage on either side of them both. Some come within arms-reach before they - and swaths of their fellows - are cut down by Megatronus' blade, pieces trailing burning cinders and ash.

The Prime Guardian of Entropy moves like a wraith, the shadows no match for his flame and fury - if it were not for the sheer numbers they have, replacing the fallen, the outcome of the battle would have already been assured.

Alpha Trion seems unfazed, the glowing gaze flicking briefly toward the camera with only a nod.

"I am a bit busy concentrating at the moment, but I think I've managed to establish a link to the network. Megatronus, if you'd please issue the call..."

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23rd-Oct-2013 10:56 pm - Gathering
[This is a post. Within this post exist Prima, Liege, and A3. They exist here for the purposes of wrapping up previous conversations/plots or starting new ones. They will exist here for about a week, and all conversations that occur therin will be considered to have taken place PRIOR to the Pillar Event.

Alpha Trion can be found anywhere around his temple, or alternatively can sometimes be caught exploring the wastelands outside of the Haven. He's just as likely to get hold of you randomly one day while testing out the link device, however.

Prima can be found only in his tower. He's much more difficult to get hold of, but will surface for urgent matters and can be contacted through the Link...even if he'll be slow to reply.

Liege Maximo can be found in his many labs. He's been in a mood lately, but most would call it a 'good' mood, which means he's looking for people to interact with. Or on. If he's been in contact with you before he'll seek you out either in person or through an encrypted channel on your link device. Otherwise you will likely have to run into him.

To have a conversation with any of them, just specify WHO and WHERE or LINK in the title of your reply. Any action will be actionspam~]
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Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you.

[The message is quick but precise--Alpha Trion is in his study, with stacks of datapads behind him. He's obviously been researching something, and those who know him well might recognize that he seems a little tired.]

As you might guess from recent events, things have been...hectic. However, I do still want to speak with you as promised. You may come in person, if you like.
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[Please, have Alpha Trion sitting at a desk, looking very distinguished while he sorts through a stack of datapads and musty-looking books.]


It seems that I may have...misplaced...something.

No need for alarm, it's nothing pivotal this time.

[He looks around the library, managing to appear only slightly less sheepish than he feels.]

However, given the recent events, I took the liberty of checking for the Tome of Possibilities, and...ah.

It wasn't there.


Has anyone noticed any missing pages floating--perhaps literally--about?

Barring that, could anyone give me a list of what has changed?

[If he couldn't get the pages back, he might at least be able to set a few things to rights. Maybe. Hopefully before there was any major damage done.]
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