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24th-Mar-2013 10:31 pm - [Video] Near the Hub
I am in need of... Ah... assistance.

[For the first time ever, the Knight seems somewhat embarassed. He has trouble to look directly at the screen, his red eyes fixated on something on his right. Yep, definitly embarassed.]

I found some food. Rice to be precise. Two large bags. Rice is my main source of nourrishement, and I... need to eat some. It has been some time since I had a real meal.

[Since he got here, to be precise. But Melan is not one to complain.]

So I found those bags but, erm... I don't know how to cook ...

[The GunSwordman almost blushed. Almost.]

I am of course willing to share with anyone needing food...
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22nd-Feb-2013 09:12 am - [Video]

[Greetings is a good way to start, no? Damn, how do you socialize?! What are people? Someone help him!]

In order to find some material for the... "dance", I went into the Junk Pile and found some items I am willing to give to those who need them. It includes:

A few rolls of dead animal skin.
A black jacket, no doubt part of a suit but I couldn't find the rest.
Two black bowties, but I am keeping one for myself.
Three ties: one pink with green dots, one yellow with blue sharks and one solid black. I think the last one tried to strangle me, but it might just have been the wind.
A pair of scissors.
What looks like brightly colored rope...? [That's tinsel, sweetie.]
Two rather thick sheets of copper, three of aluminum, and one of what appear to be tin. Plus some silver sheet, a lot smaller though.
Three cans of peach. I think they are still good.
Fresh apples. Two bags of them actually.
Brightly colored feathers. Handfuls of them.

And... that's all.

I am at the Hub if you need anything.

And I am also missing a... "date". If someone is interested....
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30th-Dec-2012 10:31 pm - [Audio] Melan Blue here.
[The feed shows a concerned blue face, eyes narrowed. It's kinda hard to use the little... thing? with his paws, but that metal creature had said it could be used to talk with other people here.]

Hello...? I am looking for some of my friends.

[Melan hesitates a few seconds. Does that thing even work?]

They... look like me, except red and pink for Eryun, silver and black for Pyon. They were with me just before I was sent here... As was the Monomakia attacking us. The... civilians? amongst you, be careful, that creature is really agressive. For the others, just aim for the eyes.

[The metal creature had assured him he wasn't the only one able to fight here. With a little luck, the rogue experiment would be killed soon and his duty would be fulfilled.]

If the... metal... servant... is right, you can't go back to your home dimension? We are blocked here?

[Melan doesn't look really disturbed by the idea: universe hopping, he is quite familiar with the concept.]

It's really not the funny world...?
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