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7th-Oct-2012 10:01 am - [Video]
[One man, alone, betrayed by the country he loves--]

[Really? You're going to riff off that movie? Auspicious start.]

[Just trying to go with the whole giant robots/destiny gestalt, set a little tone, you know.]

I'd try the whole 'take me to your leader' thing--classic, of course--but just between you, me and this bag of tacos, I'm kind of lacking in that whole 'respect for authority' vital amine.

[ Cute. So you're going to play along like this is real. ]

[Face it, weirder things have happened.]


So. Weaz. If this is all some way to get me back for those Cheetos, haaaaaa buddy, good one.

If you sold me out to Killebrew I will &*^$ing end you.

But here's what's really important. Since I'm here. And you're here. And we're all here, being here.

[It is time for a dramatic pause!]

Anyone wanna show me how to get Skinemax on this thing? 

holla_atcha_boy: (no really tell me more)
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