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22nd-Apr-2014 12:10 am - [video]
[There's a new face on the com link today. A woman with dark black hair that seems to have life on its own, blue skin and red eyes with a yellow sclera that stare at the screen with a piercing look, smile never faulting. She's beautiful in the same way a fire is beautiful. Get too close and you might not make it out alive.

She's floating on mid air at the top of Prima's tower, wispy smoke where her legs should be. Unlike other newcomers she listened to the basic explanations of the acolytes and then left to explore around the Haven and learn from herself.]

I suppose it was only a matter of time before such a thing as this came about the cosmos, an inter-dimensional portal malfunctioning, dragging us together.

[Doesn’t that alarm her in the slightest? No, not at all. She was bothered by the black marking on her arm but her annoyance didn't last long. Eris feels Unicron's presence in the planet, another chaos god, another destroyer, lurking around the corners of the weaker minds here...It makes her smile. It's not every day that she crosses paths with one of her own kind.]

Precious little mortal puppets, how I have missed interacting with you all. This place is the most beautiful chorus of anguish I've heard in a millennium. Insanity, destruction and strife, and all that without my help. Oh and most of you aren't humans, that’s even better. Who knows what you could do, there are so many possibilities…I’m going to like playing here.

I’m the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. You know me. You’ve seen my work before. You’ve most likely felt my power at some point in your life.

Call me Eris.
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