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27th-May-2013 04:41 pm - Video
.... He-he-hey?

[Screen full of patina stained copper robot. What is the proper protocol for "I just showed up in this hugeass place and I don't know where I am or what I'm doing"? Panic? No. Yell at other people? Maybe.]

I'm ta-talkin' ta these real bi-big guys in here an' I'm ge-ge-gettin' a whole lotta nonsense. An' that's gotta be a lotta n-n-nonsense.

Who's in ch-charge here? I gotta hop th' n-n-next rocket ba-back ta Earth pronto! Where's the space bus?

Wha-what's the fare fer a s-s-space bus anyway?

Does anyone know wha-what's goin' on here? Hey!

[Okay. Make unreasonable demands and shake your fist at your communicator. Also an excellent choice]

An' further more what's a gu-gu-guy gotta do ta get some water around here? None o' these bi-big guys got it, there ain't no vendin' machines. Not even a wa-wa-wa-water fountain! Or a puddle! It's important, so s-s-someone speak up!
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