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17th-Mar-2013 08:08 pm - 2. [TEXT]
has anyone figured out a way to fix this yet

because if i have to spent another minute like this i think i'm going to scream

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21st-Feb-2013 08:46 pm - [video]
[Frenzy is so happy you're all tuning in for another one of his delightful videos. And so soon! He's so grateful for his fans! And you can tell! Because he's got this big shit-eating grin on his face.]

Since yer 'Con here is gonna be yer kickaft DJ at the upcomin' party, I gotta look good. Especially when I take a break t'dance wit' my old lady. [He's talking about you, Elita.] An' maybe a few more of you's - if yer lucky. [Megatronus? Call me?]

But check dis out! Check dis out! [He ducks out of view below the screen, fussing with something.] I got me the perfect new hat! [More shuffling and a second later, Frenzy stands. His smile is wider. On his head is a strange bit of human attire that any human here will tell you is quite obviously a bra. A really bright, perky bra. On his head.]

Check it! Ain't dis cool? Kinda makes me feel like I'm a pilot or somethin'! Gonna climb in my cockpit an' shoot some fraggers down. [Frenzy then gives the double barrel finger snaps.] Gotta admit, though... I was thinkin' dis would be a bit bigger, but kinda small fer... [Shrugs] Ah, well! [He adjusts the bra aka aviator goggles a bit.] Gonna make a fashion statement wit' dis baby! Soon everyone will be wantin' t'wear one!

But anyway! [Frenzy tugs at the straps hanging by his face] I'm thinkin' some of you ladies need a li'l... spin 'round the record, know what I mean? [really creepy snicker that seems to block out a distant, angry noise--an angry noise that seems to be growing louder by the second] An' I'm thinkin' once I take ya on the dance floor, I'll take ya--


[That aforementioned angry noise from earlier has turned into a very loud, very angry shrieking of a young woman; Frenzy looks up just in time for a foot to come smashing down right in his face. In a blur of color and furious Chinese profanity and Frenzy's screaming, there's suddenly the perfect view of a pair of pretty panties beneath a skirt right in front of the screen and, consequently, right in your face, as Shaoshao bends over and proceeds to brutally beat the tape out of the Cassetticon.

Look away if you can.]

[ooc: Shaoshao's obviously the lady in red; prepare for responses from either her and/or Frenzy!]
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10th-Jan-2013 10:39 am - 1. [Video]
[behold: a woman wearing a red china dress and a metal collar. more importantly, an angry, sullen-looking woman with the above qualities (and possibly an odd sense of fashion).

she's glaring fiercely at the camera, and does NOT look happy about her predicament.

when she speaks, it's with an accent, but it's not indecipherable even without the auto-translate;

I don't understand what's going on, but I'm blaming Hot Rod for it. Someone tell me where he is.


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