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9th-Nov-2012 01:58 pm - AUDIO
Locked to Decepticon Officers )

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So are the dead... not staying dead now? The only time that happened in my world, Dark Energon was involved, and the mechs affected weren't what you'd call, uh. Well they didn't exactly retain all of their mental faculties from when they were properly alive, y'know? That First Aid guy seemed pretty normal, besides the whole 'was dead' thing.

And... What's with all these guys showing up in the trash heap? Are the temples broken or something?
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31st-Oct-2012 05:16 pm - AUDIO
I know I'm not the only one feeling it, and I can't be the only one noticing a pattern here. People are feeling weird and there's been a general surge of interest in the Badlands. So just what in the Pit is causing this, and why does it want us out there? This is your prompting to starting throwing wild speculation around, everyone.

Firstforged? Any of you want to fill us in? You know, beyond the whole 'it's dangerous, don't go out there' deal.
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4th-Oct-2012 08:36 pm - VIDEO | SOLUS' TEMPLE
[ Alright, obviously not going to reveal himself right off the bat. Time to play the Vehicon route. When the feed flicks on it's an Vehicon standing there, looking more than a little lost. ]

Hey, uh. Command? Anyone read me? Comms are down, and--


I'm not really sure what's going on.

[ Which is a lie. He's already had the rundown from the Acolyte and gone through the entirety of the public network. ]

Scrapper? Anybody..?

We are gonna be in so much scrap for this.
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