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3rd-Jun-2014 02:57 pm - 1st Video
Huh. Ain't the way I was expectin' to get to Cybertron, but not like I'm gonna complain at the end result.

[Have a massive brute of a Cybertronian everyone. From the look of things, he's still hanging out where he woke up- in Megatronus' temple. A few of his acolytes are barely visible in the background, largely hidden behind Breakdown, though they seem to be...well, cleaning. Evidently, he didn't take waking up in a strange place well. Something made evident enough when he turns to address them, and some of the remains are plainly visible.]

Sorry 'bout the mess, didn't know you were friendlies! Make it up to ya later!

[...yep. He'd just gone and straight out dismantled the first Acolyte he saw. And then the next. And a third. He was working through the fourth before any were able to calm him down enough to explain what was going on. Par for the course, really. The guy didn't exactly have a good track record when it came to booting up in strange places. Or for keeping a level head once his energon started pumping.]

This whole setup means Lord Megatron won, right? I mean, the mechs here answer to someone callin' themselves Megatronus, so that's gotta be a good start.

[Have fun bursting that bubble. Granted, you might want to consider the risk involved before making the attempt.]
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4th-Sep-2012 08:25 pm - [Video] [Solus's Temple]
Right. So some little guy in a robe just explained a lot of stuff that basically means I'm not where I'm supposed to be.

[Breakdown glances around briefly.]

Never been in a temple before. It's pretty fancy.

[He shakes his head and turns back to the camera.]

Guess I'm checking in or whatever. Anybody else I know stuck here? Knock Out? Ehr, uh- Lord Megatron? [Let's hope the big M isn't mad he mentioned his partner first.]
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Don't let her sweet talk you.  She may have a nice set of eight legs, but Airachnid lives only for #1.  She is disloyal, self-obsessed, power hungry, sadistic, evil, without empathy or morals ; and more importantly deadly.  If you're a bot or a con or especially a human, stay the scrap away from her.  Scrap she's done :

1. Betrayed Lord Megatron on multiple occasions
2. Betrayed the Autobots
3. Stolen energon and spare parts
4. Tortured mechs for the fun of it
5. Taken out an entire unit of Autobots on her own
6. Hunted entire species to extinction, causing planetary collapse
7. Stolen ships
8. I'm pretty sure she had something to do with the Barrun Far disaster
9. Disrespected her teammates and superior officers
10. Fostered mutiny
11. Dismembered and killed teammates

If you're thinking "Oh, but I can take care of her, and make a deal, and we can both come out on top." : NOPE.  No, she'll doublecross you before the deal's even done, and leave you under a junk heap missing your t-cog.  She also enjoys torturing squishies.  Also, she can drill through the ground so be careful.  I'm serious, don't help her, she'll just repay you by killing you and stealing all your stuff.
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[[ooc : I just posted this to the LOGS community. Could a mod tell me which place it's best suited? because I'm really unsure which community we're supposed to be playing in, or where this post would be most appropriate. I'm really super not trying to be disruptive to this community by double posting, but I wasn't sure which comm to go in!]]

Fellow Cybertronians, and Brave Police from Earth, calling all units! Convene at the steps of Solus, right here [coords provided], and let's talk about protecting ourselves, and those who need protection. It's about damn time we started working together, like physically together.

I am Breakdown, Commander of Decepticon ground troops from the Nemesis. I've lived through invasions worse than this. But yanno what? Right now I don't give a slag if I or you are a bot or a con. The best way for us to survive this planet together is by working together.

We need everyone who needs protection in a secure area. We need warriors with a game plan ; I look forward to meeting my battle brothers and sisters. We need medics, we need scientists, and we need defence planners and barricade builders.

I hope people come. I'll wait until the sky shifts colour again. There's a medic inside the building for anyone that's hurt. And even if no one comes to fight alongside me, I'll go ahead with the best battle plan I know : just hit each of these buggers one by one. But uh... if you have a better idea, please come and tell us.

Arms Up. Breakdown out.
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