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3rd-Jul-2014 04:52 pm - 04 || Video || OTA
Um, hi everyone.

[Rapunzel looks uneasy, as far from assured as she's ever looked; however, she also looks strangely determined, almost stubborn, something she never much had reason to show during her time on Cybertron. It's time to come clean. Lives are at stake, and it's driving her all but insane being cooped up, unable to do anything.

Well, it's past time to stop the self-pity. She can help. She needs to. Rapunzel can't bear the thought of losing her friends to these monstrous menaces, especially not when it's possible for her to give them near-infinite chances to stay alive.]

Okay, before I say anything else, I know most everything going on makes no sense to me; I don't understand the "science" or the terms o-or any of the things beyond my time. But I was told about monsters growing up, and seeing what's all happening over the network... it's obvious they can cause a lot of harm and a lot of damage. Frankly, I'm... I'm terrified. That people are going to get hurt. Good people.

And... I know I haven't been entirely honest, either. I-I've been too scared to, but now... now I'm scared for completely different reasons.

That's why I'm saying this now. [She takes a deep breath, in through her nose, out through her mouth. It was one thing to reveal her power to those who would keep it secret; revealing it to everyone... it's far more daunting. Necessary, given the cryptic times, but daunting. Yet despite having good reason for keeping it under wraps this long, there's something distinctly guilty about angle of her brow and look in her eye. Though she's righting the wrong and facing her fear, she's scared but hopeful it isn't too little, too late.]

I have magic hair that can heal when I sing a special incantation.

[There, she said it. Hastily, she presses on, as she doesn't want to give those who were previously in the dark too much time to grow resentful for her secret-keeping.]

I didn't know it at first, but it does heal literally everyone... robots included. It should reverse any damage, almost immediately. I'm... I'm so sorry I never told everyone before, but I do want to help, and I'd like to think I actually can, even though I'm not big or strong or superhuman.

A-anyways, from what I've heard, it isn't safe for people to go outside, much less "organics". But... if any of you do get hurt out there or see anyone else get injured, please come to me. I'll heal everyone and anyone that walks through the door.

[Even jerks like Sentinel.]

I'm inside Vector's temple, if and when anyone needs me.
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2nd-Jun-2014 10:06 pm - 03 || Video || OTA
[As busy as Rapunzel has been keeping herself, she has noticed the recent sadness and upset over the comms. Maybe she could do a little something to help, something to brighten up these bleak times. Ironically, the one thing that has been keeping her occupied is what she's going to offer.]

I know a lot of you have found your friends missing these past few days, and I'm so sorry for your losses. It really isn't much, but I do have something that might make coping a little less bitter. I, um... I've been working on collecting and mixing paints and finding painting tools. And well, I think I have plenty now, and I kind of already promised a portrait for someone, so that got me thinking... it might be nice if I offer to paint things for anyone and everyone. So um, here's my offer!

[She flips her comm around to show off the rather large collage of paintings on the wall of her temple room; there are numerous interlocking individual pictures, mostly of plants, animals, and the few people she knew back on Earth. The paintings aren't completely unlike what she had painted inside her tower.]

If you like my style at all, just tell me where and what to paint, and I'll go paint it. If you're good at describing things or have other pictures, I can paint those whom you've lost, so that they don't seem so far away. As fair warning, I haven't had any practice painting robots yet, but I'll definitely give it my best shot. But it doesn't even have to be portraits; I can paint just about anything that makes you happy.

...I don't know how much it will help, but it seems like the least I can do.
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[Hello there, Cybertron. It's been a bit too long since Blondie here last bombarded you all with questions, hasn't it? Well, fret not, for she has another, and this time... it has less to do with technical difficulties or new arrival syndrome and more to do with art withdrawals.]

So, I've been thinking. Paint --well, oil paint-- is basically just pigment and medium, so it really isn't hard to make. Sure, it takes a while to dry but... I'm kind of used to having a lot of color on my walls, and it feels gloomy living without them.

[Actually, the entire city could use more color in her opinion, but that's a bit rude to say aloud. Best to start off with her own living quarters.]

Does anyone know what I could use for pigment and quick-drying oil? Back on Earth, most of the ingredients were plant-based and well... that seems like a bad idea here.

[She doesn't want to raid the pantry and waste perfectly good food just for the sake of her art. That's just thoughtless and selfish, and she certainly wouldn't be able to bring herself to do that.

So, who wants to help little miss painter here make some art?

After the video, she quickly switches the feed so it's no longer public. Did she do it right? She hopes so. Well, here goes nothing.

Private to Starscream:]

I'm sorry I took so long to call, but people were acting funny for a while; I thought it would be best to wait until things calmed down. But um... I'm ready for that tour whenever you're free.
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21st-Feb-2014 03:24 pm - 01 | Audio
[Texting? It's a bit beyond her abilities, considering typing mechanisms of any sort weren't exactly available in her tower. Not to mention that typing feels doubly unnatural with the alphabet all out of order and spaced strangely. Initially, the other two options aren't much better for her, and it takes some fiddling around before she gets the audio function to turn on.]

Um... hello? Am I doing this right? Can anyone hear me?

[Well, assuming she's using it correctly, here goes nothing.]

My name is Rapunzel, and while I'm sure that gigantic, talking, magic-living-statue person meant well, I really, really can't stay long. You see, I have a very important thing I recently set off to do, and if I don't go right back to take care of it, I may never have a chance to again... [She mumbles the rest of the sentence.] and I've kind of been waiting my whole life for it. [Ahem.] So, if anyone would be so kind to tell me how I could possibly return home, I'd be really appreciative.

[There's a small moment of thoughtful silence.]

But before I forget, by any chance, did someone by the name of Euge-- um, Flynn Rider get here before me? I know it might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought it might be a good idea to check.

[In all honesty, Rapunzel would be relieved to see a familiar face in this strange, enormous, intimidating world. That said, if there is some sort of hidden way back home, she'd need to make sure Flynn could return with her.]

Okay, I think that's everything I wanted to ask about.

...And I really do hope this strange thing is actually working and that I haven't been talking to myself this entire time.
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