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1st-Jul-2013 02:26 pm - AUDIO;
[There's a slow, steady exhale. Then, finally, no doubt a familiar voice on the network.]

It's Ultra Magnus.

How long... has it been?
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20th-Apr-2013 12:30 pm - VIDEO;
[Lo and behold, there's Ultra Magnus. He frowns, touching his helm lightly. Really, anyone who knows him well enough will note how he flinches ever so slightly.]

This is Ultra Magnus. I appear to be in the medbay. I would like to know the following answers.

First: Why am I here?

Second: What happened to me?

Third: How long was I out?

I would also like someone to update me on whatever I may have missed.

That is all.
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21st-Mar-2013 09:43 am - AUDIO;
This is Ultra Magnus.

Some order of business must be addressed, an announcement that will impact everyone.

While it had been temporarily determined that both McCrane and I would command the law enforcement team, we have both agreed that I will come into full command of law enforcement. All officers will report to me. McCrane, from this moment forward, will be your second-in-command. As such, your respect to him will not change.

However, I also realize that I am additionally part of the law committee. I am fine with having the responsibilities, but I am not interested in causing conflict with both teams. So I request the law committee to please take a vote on whether or not I will remain on your team. Whatever reason you have is your own; a simple "yes" or "no" will do.

To the Firstforged, I request a clear explanation on what you would determine to be a fair due process in how to detain criminals and suspects that bear your glyph. We should be working together, not against each other.

Should anyone have any questions, I am available to answer them.

Private to Vandal/Karrie Norton | Private )
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[There is a lot McCrane has to get through in this, but it is less daunting with assistance. He stands by Ultra Magnus, barely fitting in the same frame due to their size difference.]

As you may have heard, both Ultra Magnus and I have taken over as head of Police since Blurr's resignation. We will be conducting all affairs pertaining to the safety of the populace residing within Haven, so if you encounter a threatening situation or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us or our new secretary, Cody Burns.

All members of the Police Force should check in at this time, as well as any prospective applicants.

[You'll get a nifty badge for doing so. Also, it'll help them figure out who they can send on assignments~]

We won't be able to do our jobs to the best of our abilities without set laws, however, so we are requesting the Law Committee to designate a Head of Operations to organize new laws and report them to us.

[Without official laws, the police are technically nothing more than a well-equipped band of enforcers.]

Pharma will need to undergo his trial, as well, since we do not have the manpower to keep him confined to Liege's temple for much longer.

[McCrane has been over there roughly once per day, and really...there was nothing to prevent him from walking out beyond the threat of Tarn.]

Finally, a number of our data-pads have gone missing lately. We are in the process of an investigation, but if anyone has any information or a similar crime to report, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Locked to Cody )

Locked to Tarn )
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1st-Feb-2013 12:11 pm - AUDIO;
I am back.

My disappearance was not intentional.

Blurr, if you have any orders to give, I will accept them.
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7th-Jan-2013 02:55 pm - [Video]
[ hey look everyone it's Vandal. And a turbofox. And a very, very fat cat. This is in fact perhaps the fattest cat you will ever see. It's more like a ball of lard with wee kitty-legs and eyes. And it looks. Pissed. ]

So. Did someone lose a cat? And more over, has anyone seen Magnus? Justice the fox kinda came chasing this guy in here, so he's probably missing his dad.

[ She holds up the cat, which practically oozes around her hands. ]


Uh. Yeah. As for the cat? If nobody claims him, I'm keeping him.

Say hello to Sir Pattyfatty McFleaface.


[ Holy shit this cat is pissed. ]
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2nd-Jan-2013 02:12 am - [Video/Action]
[Perceptor's lab was only interesting for so long. And that was for someone who was a science enthusiast. Throw in that Wheeljack was not, needed 'fresh air', and couldn't keep still, you have one half of a hand-cuffed duo trying to get out and see the world.

Oh yeah, Wheeljack and Magnus are now handcuffed. That went under the radar.

The only problem? Getting his 'partner' to come with him. Without that cooperation, it was a no go. And a surprising turn of events, Magnus had actually AGREED. Turns out a workaholic actually likes to do...surprise, WORK! Unfortunately, sneaking out made the feed of Wheeljack's comm click on, and it shows the two sliding out of the Trion Temple. Stealth ops specialists right here, folks.]

Don't slow me down, sparky.

[Naturally, there's a grim scowl on Ultra Magnus's face. Who's surprised? No one. But he looks down at Wheeljack]

You do realize I could lift you off the ground.

[That gets a glance back from the Wrecker. If there was one thing he'd like to avoid, it was getting dragged around.]

And since it's a stupid-fraggin idea, we're gonna ignore it as an option.

[Ultra Magnus narrows his eyes. Then raises his arm. Frag you, Wheeljack, he's gonna go walk now.]

Hey wait-

[Nope, too late. He felt himself being pulled off his feet, completely being pulled at the mercy of Magnus. His face couldn't be any more unamused, watching the landscape go by and thinking all the terrible things that could happen to the Commander. That is...until he sees something ...something very out of place.]

Hey Magnus. Go over there. There's some kinda box.

Are you trying to give me orders?

[Could he frown any further? Because he's trying. Still, he humors Wheeljack, approaching the box and setting the Wrecker back to his feet.]

[Wheeljack just pouts in Magnus's general direction as he picks up the box, turning it every which way. And then...eyebrow perk.]

Funny...'s addressed to me...

Is it?

[It's here Ultra Magnus actually looks vaguely concerned.]

Wheeljack, I'd be careful about opening that.

[CEPT NO. Wheeljack's already torn open the paper and--....

Well...can't say he expected noisemakers and confetti. The package practically explodes in his hands, and the confetti goes everywhere, collecting on the two bots for as long as they'll stay still.]

....My bad.

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26th-Dec-2012 11:31 am - VIDEO;
[Ultra Magnus can be seen sitting at his desk. Placed across it is a giant war hammer, glowing faintly.

Oh, and there's something yipping in the background. Not quite like a dog, not really. Some might recognize it as the sounds of a lively turbofox.

Really, Magnus just looks exasperated.

I don't suppose someone wants to take this creature off my hands. I've no use for it.
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17th-Dec-2012 06:03 pm - TEXT;
Repairs are complete. Much appreciated, First Aid. As a result, I am available once more for my services.

Firstforged, Prism was destroyed as a result of rescuing Vandal. I hope that concerning the most recent rule set firmly by Megatronus Prime that the circumstances were understandable.

Locked to members of the Lost Light crew (Ambulon & First Aid included) )
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6th-Dec-2012 01:30 pm - TEXT;

Rodimus and Drift are dead.
Their bodies will be returning with me.

The Glyphless must be dealt with.
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30th-Nov-2012 08:59 pm - AUDIO;
I... apologize for my disappearance. I'm afraid I was rather preoccupied with a very distracting task.

Yes. So.

I will scan the Link and catch up shortly, but I'm afraid I will need to be debriefed. If someone could do that.

That would be. Good.
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17th-Nov-2012 10:41 pm - VIDEO;
To those unmarked, I know that, likely, several of you are concerned about your status in matters. What will happen.

I cannot offer you words of comfort, but I will say that the moment you feel different, that you do not feel like yourself, do not hesitate to call for assistance. Your faction will not factor in.

I know I can't speak for the entire police force, but I will speak for myself.

Private to IDW!Perceptor )
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2nd-Nov-2012 07:25 pm - AUDIO;
To all of the new refugees:

I am Ultra Magnus. Second-in-command of the Lost Light, the duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord, second-in-command of the local law enforcement of this Cybertron, and one of the members of the law committee.

Many of you are arriving with concerns and questions, naturally. We understand; many of us are here to assist you. Should you find your questions unanswered, I will attempt to guide you. However, I will admit, there are many things I don't yet know, but I will work to find you an answer. The circumstances of your arrival have been curious. [And worrisome.]

Wing and Drift are offering a location for your temporary stay. Perhaps we could work on something slightly more personable for you in the future. That can be a project worth arranging if Haven's Hub does not have enough space.

To remaining citizens:

Blurr has begun a memorial service in regards those lost to us and the dead. If you wish to pay your respects, perhaps you should observe what he's done.

I am aware of First Aid's murder. I will investigate. I will find who was responsible. And they will be brought to justice. This is not a promise, it is a fact. A truth.

I request that you remain as helpful and welcoming to our new arrivals as much as you can be.

Private to the Firstforged )
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27th-Oct-2012 05:23 pm - AUDIO; locked from Overlord
Overlord is to not be engaged in combat, especially if you're alone. He is powerful; I will leave it as that. There is little time I can spend giving a proper explanation.

I am well aware many of you are eager to save Perceptor's life. This is an understandable sense of motivation, but getting yourselves killed will not help any of us. At this time, all members of the police force are to attempt to locate Perceptor. Do not fight Overlord head-on. If you are forced into battle with him, I understand. I also suggest you retreat until proper back-up.

Do not let him taunt you.

First Aid, Ambulon, and Vandal: prepare the medbay.

I will give you one final expectation. If you're a Wrecker, then you already understand. If you face Overlord, you might not return.

This I promise: I will do everything in my power to bring him down today.

Ultra Magnus, out.

Private to Fortress Maximus )
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20th-Oct-2012 10:14 pm - AUDIO;
Due to Ratchet's disappearance, I have taken the time to go through the Link and take into account of the entries made. Due to the varying disappearances we have, it may be functional to keep track of who is here and who is missing. I humbly request the Firstforged's assistance with this task, as they have some ability to track this.

I simply wish to keep track of who is present and who we may lose. It seems... random, how this Calling affects us.

In relation to Ratchet's disappearance, do we have a medic who is willing to head his medbay?

Blurr, please report in.

And Fortress Maximus, you are late to report in to me! I do not approve nor do I appreciate your tardiness.
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